Day One Replay – Back-To-Business Bootcamp presented by Venture Launch

Homework for Day 1

Having contacts to work with will help us with tomorrow’s activities. The goal for today is to have some business contacts imported to your Keap Pro account so that we can create segments and custom lists in the next lesson. 

  1. Download the Keap app to your phone
  2. Upload at least 10 business contacts from your address book using the Keap app
  3. Add me (Cameron Tulloch,, 1-716-454-0599) as a contact in your Keap Pro account
  4. Get a Keap Business Line local phone number
  5. Send me a SMS Message from your new Keap Business Phone (1-716-454-0599) with “DONE”

Extra Credit: Find at least one more source of contacts (Xero, Mailchimp, Excel, etc) – upload them to Keap

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