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Venture Launch + Lifecycle Marketing

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Automation Ideation Session

45-Minute exploration of your business model with a goal to identify opportunities to save time or make money.

$199 USD

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Customer Journey Design

90-Minute deep-dive into your business process to find a path to your ideal customer journey. Includes a post meeting summary and journey map drawing.

$349 USD

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Venture Launch + Keap

Onboarding and Setup Service

Keap is a powerful toolbox, but without a blueprint it's hard to know what to build. We'll set your new account up for success with a proven tagging strategy, email authentication, data migration, customer journey and more. Options range from self-serve training to solutions designed and implemented by us for you.

$999 – $4999 USD

7 – 60 days

Monthly Automation Evolution

We believe that version one is better than version none, at that the best businesses are ones that continuously test, learn and improve. Monthly memberships allow us to remain active in your account, offer monthly coaching and provide new automations and campaings as the business evolves.

$499 – $1999 USD / month

6 months +

Advanced Use Cases

We are Keap experts with a deep understanding of how and why the platform works. Use our experience to design and build your setup of: E-commerce applications, 3rd Party Integrations, Secure Membership Platforms, Learning Management Systems, and more. Book a call to discuss your unique project. des

From $4999 USD

DIY Keap Sign Up - Venture Launch Preferred Prices

We would really like for you to let us help you setup your Keap Pro or Max Classic using the services described above, but, we know some people just want to get in there any try it for themselves. We have special product prices for our customers - usually less money with more contacts and users included than on Keap.com. Click here to shop using our special deals for your DIY setup.

From $99 USD / month

Education and Coaching

Coaching 6-Pack

Venture Launch's principal consultant, Cameron, has personally conducted more than 6000 one-on-one consultations with prospective and current business owners. Use these one-hour sessions to evaluate ideas, discuss strategies, get un-stuck from limiting beliefs and other barriers, design business models and more.

$999 USD

90 days expiry

Gold Membership

Feed your growt mindset and work towards goals. This membership includes unlimited access to our paid events and trainings (except for the inner circle mastermind) PLUS one 60-minute personalized coaching sessions per month.

$349 USD / month

3 months +

Inner Circle Membership

Use this membership to make big plans build momentum towards your goals. Up to four 45-minute personalized coaching calls per month, our exclusive inner circle mastermind group call monthly, PLUS unlimited access to all of our premium events and training material.

$999 USD / month

6 months +

Financial Projections Deep Dive Training

Learn to build detailed financial projections for new or changing business ideas. These worksheets are commonly used in the formal business plans when applying for financing. They also are excellent for testing new ideas, experimenting with changes to your business model and gaining understanding of your own working capital requirements.

Technical Services

Honest Keap Usage Review

Do you have Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) and don't REALLY know what is going on "under the hood"? Not sure if you are using the right features in the right way to maximize the return on your investment? Have your tags, fields and campaigns grown to be disorganized? This is a special price for a 1-hour session, limited to one-time use per customer - access to screen share and your Keap account is required.

Email Authentication Setup

Transactional emails (receipts, delivery instructions, surveys, etc) and marketing messages are only effective if they make their way to the customer's inbox. Put your best foot forward with email authentication for your new platform account. In this service we configure your DKIM, SPF and DMARC records for up to 2 email sending services.

$249 USD

Email Authentication Rescue

Well, unfortunately you're here if you have a problem. Are your email marketing or transactional messages ending up in the junk folder, or even worse, filtered by an email service provider before even getting to the recipient's account? Allow us to review your authentication configuration and investigate problems with your sender reputation.

From $799 USD

Playbook Review Session

Revisit your planned and designed customer journey with a goal to assess results, add new plays and improve performance. We recommend this refocusing with this coaching call at least quarterly,

$229 USD

Email Marketing Migration

Feeling stuck in your current email marketing platform? Liberate your data and pick the best tool for the job by having Venture Launch export, clean, segment and reimport your subscriber data.

From $599 USD

Integration Setup

Systems truly save time and work better when they are integrated together. Reduce human error in transposing information; deliver consistently and automatically every using native and 3rd party integration tools. Try it with DocuSign, HelloSign, Calendly, Proposify, Keap, Shopify, Elementor, Twilio, Zapier and more.

From $599 USD

Custom Campaign Building

Whens, thens, triggers, goals, decisions diamonds, tags, fields, liquid, merge fields, timers and more. We know how to use them all for advanced automation campaigns that deliver consistent, timely and effective communications.

From $599 USD

Advanced CRM Migration

There are lot of Customer Relationship Management systems out there. Big ones can be overwhelming, feeling like you're driving a spaceship to visit the corner store, small ones feel limiting, minimally supported and like islands without integration options. When it's time to make a move, let us help inventory, export, clean and migrate your important contact, opportunity and activity data. We know Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, Keap (Infusionsoft), Zoho, MailChimp, ActiveCampiagn, Sugar and more.

From $3800 USD

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