What Is Keap

A sales and marketing automation platform that helps busy entrepreneurs make more money, save their time, and bring order to chaos. 

Keap centralizes all your data. You deliver great service.
Keap is small business software that organizes your customer information and daily work in one place.

Our Favourite Features

Easy Automations

Do you not have enough time to save time? There are repeated tasks in all business that should not be done manually by humans, especially not by busy entrepreneurs and experts. 

Automating saves time and brings consistency to transactions. Advanced campaings are usually built by skilled partners, but easy automations can be built by anyone, usually in about 5 minutes.  

Sales Pipelines

Do you know exactly how much money is on the table? What gets measured gets done and self-employed entrepreneurs notoriously don’t proactively track sales opportunities or consistently follow-up with prospects. Sales pipelines help business owners focus on “new business daily” and ensure opportunities don’t fall through the cracks. 

Campaign Builder

Keap’s REAL superpower and most significant competitive advantage over other CRM platforms is the Campaign Builder. Used to create advanced automations, the Campaign Builder is a toolbox that allows a well-design customer journey to be run on autopilot. Triggers, goals, conditional branching, emails, tasks, text messages, and connections to external services via an API can all be visually assembled, tested and tracked for each unique contacts.  

Values and Alignment

We at Venture Launch use Keap not only because it is really great sales and marketing automation software, but also because we love their values, culture and community. Our principal Consultant, Cameron, is an active member of the Keap certified partner communities including participation in conferences, expert moderation and teaching for customers at Keap Academy, and regularly meets with product managers about the evolution of the product. 

Watch this video to learn about Keap’s own origin story and connection to supporting gritty entrepreneurs. 

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